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Answer: ZHIDOU provides the core components and parts of vehicle (drive motor, motor controller etc.) with warranty period of at least 2 years (4 years for lithium-ion power battery) once we sign agreement. Refer to the attached Maintenance Manual of ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle for the detailed warranty period of components and parts.  

Answer: in case the intelligent key is powered off, start the vehicle in emergency starting method: pop up the mechanical key inside intelligent key to open the door, and then place the intelligent key in effective identification zone just above immobilizer coil (IMMO coil), start the vehicle according to normal starting method.

Answer: No, as maximum power of ZHIDOU battery charger can be up to 3300W, only 250V-16A-4000W charging socket can be used, it is prohibited to use 250V-10A-2500W charging socket; power line on AC supply side shall use 4mm2 copper wire with length not exceeding 10m; famous brand of charging socket shall be used, it is prohibited to use inferior brand of charging socket without CCC certification.

My house is on the 4th floor and there is no charging pile, can I connect a wiring board from my house to the ground for charging?

Why the air conditioner cannot be used when electric quantity is lower than 20%?

Answer: The icon means that battery capacity is in a low state (when battery capacity is less than 25%-35%) and vehicle power performance is reduced, vehicle shall be charged timely. In addition, when vehicle temperature is too high or low, power reduction alarm may also be triggered, for example: air conditioner is used for refrigeration for long time when vehicle is in static state; after being exposed to high temperature; driving at temperature of below -15℃. In this case, alarm can be eliminated by adjusting use state, if alarm still cannot be eliminated, contact the ZHIDOU electric vehicle service station nearby for assistance.

What’s going on that vehicle drives slowly when icon is encountered during vehicle driving?

Answer: It means that vehicle is at D gear or R gear while starting, such condition must be corrected. The switch must be turned to N gear before starting.

    Answer: 1. After the vehicle malfunctions, open the hazard warning lamp and move the vehicle to a safe region, take the warning triangle out from the attached toolkit and place it in rear of the vehicle.2. Contact the ZHIDOU special service station nearby to obtain remote guidance of technical personnel, if the fault cannot be eliminated, as for product quality problem within warranty period, ZHIDOU special service station can provide the free rescue service. If fault cannot be eliminated at site, vehicle shall be towed to service station for repair, but expenses incurred beyond “three guarantees” range shall be assumed by customer. Refer to the attached Warranty Manual of ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle for the “three guarantees” and detailed provisions of warranty period.

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