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ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (ZHIDOU) is a joint venture founded by Geely Holding Group, XDY Machinery and Electronics Group and GSR Ventures. It now has a registered capital of RMB 1.1 billion, more than 2,600 employees, 176 domestic applied patents, 5 invention patents, and 10 software copyrights. In 2016, it won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award. ZHIDOU introduces the Micro-Traveling concept in the industry, and its core product, ZHIDOU pure electric vehicles, are precisely positioned as “urban pure electric vehicles for Micro-Traveling” and emerge as a new force in the new energy automotive market of China.

Today, by fully integrating the resources of the three co-founders in R&D, manufacturing, systematic operation, and capital operation, ZHIDOU has built an “urban micro-traveling ecosphere” that covers R&D, production, sales, and operation of electric vehicles.

A handy tool makes a handy man. Over 10 years, ZHIDOU has grown and transformed. Starting from positive R&D and design, integrating global resources, based in the headquarters in Nanjing, and relying on the R&D centers in Italy, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin and the production bases in Lanzhou, Yinan, and Nanjing, ZHIDOU has developed a global R&D and technological innovation organization system and a modern manufacturing pattern to build lightweight, miniaturized, intelligent and interconnected micro pure electric vehicles for users and promote ecological changes in transportation.

Proven Track Record:

Over 12 years of experience in the industry

Global Reach

Global presence in over 30 countries

Impressive Sales Figures

Over 100,000 units sold worldwide

Commitment to Sustainability

Using green and sustainable technologies

You need Zhidou

Zhidou, a company that specialises in micro-electric vehicles, has concentrated all of its efforts on exporting its products to different countries during the past 12 years. 30 countries, including well-known ones like Germany and Italy, have a Zhidou presence, and the company has successfully sold more than 100,000 gadgets worldwide. Their emphasis on developing compact, environmentally friendly cars has contributed to their widespread acceptance and popularity. Zhidou’s commitment to environmentally friendly transportation methods is continually cited as a reason for their success in the global market.

Certified electric vehicles

Zhidou EV is certified to ISO 9001 and EEC[1]. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems and indicates that Zhidou EV has implemented effective quality management measures to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. EEC certification, on the other hand, stands for European Economic Community certification. It is a mandatory certification for certain products, including electric vehicles, to ensure their compliance with EU-wide safety, health and environmental protection standards.