Corporate Culture​

Corporate Core Values:

Morality, Project Management, Micro Traveling Ecology

Management Philosophy:

adjusting structure, promoting changes, genetically modified; cognition, identity, sense of belonging; one body with two wings, scientific decision-making, efficient execution; creating a fair, just and harmonious workplace; building an excellent, healthy and open management platform.

Human Resources:

■ Talent: Respect, Initiative, Growth, Benefit.
■ Appointment: Discover the strength of every staff, and no one is wasted
■ Recruitment: Those who have both morality and talent are key staff; those who have morality but no talent should be trained; those who have talent but no morality should be put in limited positions; those who have neither morality nor talent should be resolutely rejected.

Company-wide Values:

■ Professionalism: Literacy, caring, honesty, dedication; low-profile in life but high-profile at work.
■ Teamwork: Teamwork comes first and individual comes next; passionate, learning, innovation, pragmatic, efficient, and never stop.
■ Swordsmanship: Decades of hard work, come to the point directly, hit competitors, secure decisive victory.
■ Pioneering spirit: Bold and adventurous to make the best; to err is human, but to correct is wise. Never make the same mistake again.