In Beijing, more and more citizens are joining the ranks of environmental volunteers. The  “V Blue • Beijing” activity is jointly initiated by the Beijing Civilization Office, City Environmental Protection Bureau, Beijing Volunteer Service Federation, Beijing Radio Station and has become a landmark project in Beijing among environmental protection activities. Through a series of rich and colorful activities, “V Blue • Beijing” not only stimulated the enthusiasm of countless citizens to participate in green public activities, but also instilled the concept of environmental protection into people’s lives.

At present, the “V Blue Beijing”—-Credit for cars ceremony officially started, which also set off a new round of “environmental protection wave” in Beijing. It is reported that, “V Blue • Beijing” WeChat public account users can choose to exchange gifts according to their credits. Among the many exchange packages for the event, as a “Surprise Award”, 2 weeks of usage right of ZHIDOU electric car is undoubtedly the right thing that makes most people fully excited.

Let the environment protection efforts “Wechat”

As the official cooperation car for “V Blue Beijing – My Green Diary” ZHIDOU electric car has won numerous environmental enthusiasts attention and love for its mini travel philosophy ever since. Now, with the “V Blue Beijing” activity scores, you can win two weeks of driving experience, this surely makes the loyal fans of “V Blue Beijing” eager to try.

Today, environmental protection is not only a behavior, but also a way of life. As an important part of daily life, the mode of travel is undoubtedly a topic that many environmental protection volunteers are concerned about. In face of environmental protection difficulties and traffic pains, ZHIDOU electric vehicle proposed the mini space, mini cost, and mini travel “concept, focus on solving the city “traffic problem”. ZHIDOU electric vehicles are deeply rooted in the new subdivision of the new energy vehicle market, aiming to optimize the urban traffic ecology with less public resources, more efficient environmental protection concepts, and more advanced new energy technologies.

Now, the concept has been combined with “V Blue Beijing” together, reached the numerous environmental protection volunteers around, when the environmental protection is combined with the public mini travel, their life will be more wonderful.

Wonderful activities throughout the year

It is reported that 2017 “V Blue • Beijing” activities in this year had comprehensive optimization and upgrading, which combines new media online and wonderful offline activities, to create a large municipal environmental protection platform. Next, V Blue – Beijing will organize “I Ride, My Show”, a series of popular green life tour activities, and will upgrade again in WeChat platform based on the original functions, adding the daily attendance function and a variety of fresh information, which greatly enhances the practicality of the public account of Wechat; at the same time, it adjusts and optimizes the credit for goods mode to enrich the redeem prizes.


As the witness” of V Blue Beijing” throughout the whole process, ZHIDOU electric car also will experience all of the above activities, it will actively practice innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing five development concepts, during the dissemination of environmental protection, it will firmly push forward the “Beijing Civilization – Blue Sky Campaign”, also it will spread the mini travel concept to the hearts of many environmentalists.