On June 13, 2017, the 15th session of the Chinese International Environmental Protection Exhibition (CIEPEC 2017) had its grand opening in the Beijing Chinese International Exhibition Center, more than 500 domestic enterprises from 25 domestic provinces, cities and districts, as well as the United States, Russia, Italy and so on 16 countries over 200 overseas enterprises made their debut, to show the full range of environmental technologies and vitality of environmental protection market.

At this environmental feast, people can not only be exposed to the world’s most advanced ideas and products for environmental protection, but also can find many “familiar faces” in the exhibition halls of numerous countries”. In the exhibition area of Italy, the share’n go project displayed by CS group is full of “Chinese style””. ZHIDOU electric vehicles from China as an important carrier of Italy booth “Environmental Observation – Intelligent seed project”, won attention from a large number of exhibitors, professional personnel and the audience, it has become the crossover star.

Huang Runqiu, Vice Minister of the State Environmental Protection Department, visited share ‘n go booth

Cross-border focus, China-Italy cooperation label

Since 2000, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection maintained close cooperative partnership with Italy environment, territorial and maritime departments, they are committed to the effort of promoting the realization of global environmental objectives, which demonstrated and popularized the EU and Italy advanced technologies, built a sustainable development platform, which effectively promotes the industry via mutually beneficial cooperation.

For this environmental protection exhibition, Italy brought its domestic star environmental product – Share ‘NGO environmental testing car. This is carefully constructed by Italy CS Group for “Environmental Observation—-Intelligent Seed Project”. It is a special vehicle for collecting air and noise pollution, electromagnetic radiation and traffic conditions. As the only designated car BY Italy CS Group for Share ‘NGO project, the Chinese ZHIDOU electric vehicle will undoubtedly concentrate the  of the cross-border intelligence of environmental protection, ZHIDOU has become one of the starting points for combination of Chinese and world advanced concepts of environmental protection.

It is reported that, as an important concept of environmental protection in Europe, one of the four modes for overseas car sharing, the share ‘n go project is the Italy CS Group’s star product, featuring the functions of “sharing, low carbon environmental protection, intelligent technology, billing based on credits”. The city mini electric vehicles, pure electric product and zero emission features of ZHIDOU products, naturally fit Share ‘n go project; while ZHIDOU brings lower cost, more convenient, more environmentally friendly way to travel for the people in Italy and Europe, it brings about exploration, innovation and change to the sustainable development the city. The share ‘ngo environmental testing car is undoubtedly a real sense project that combines vehicle, environment, big data and the city closely, which represents the latest research and development achievements in the field of environmental protection, but also represents the environmental protection wisdom of ZHIDOU.
Now, in Milan , Florence, Rome and Modena and so on cities  of Italy, CS Group offers more than 1500 units for the implementation of shared service of ZHIDOU for local residents and visitors, this has laid a solid foundation for the key markets expansion of Share ‘n go in continental Europe in the years 2018/2019.

As the first batch of the pure electric vehicle enterprises going overseas, the market of ZHIDOU is expanding rapidly. As of now, ZHIDOU have been exported to Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Korean, Colombia and other global 15 countries, with volume reaching over 5000 vehicles and products covering the 4 major continents, a wind of “Chinese mini travel” led by ZHIDOU is just wafting across the pond, with green ripples going in array.

Authoritative platform and industry event

China International Environmental Protection Exhibition is sponsored by the Association of Environmental Protection Industry, it receives the support from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,  the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Construction, Beijing Municipal People’s Government and so on ministries and government agencies, after 30 years of development, with innovation, high-end and professional positioning, and has become the leading national brand. As a creditable platform for environmental technology exchange, China International Environmental Protection Exhibition has become the best place for exhibitors, end users and professional audience to understand the latest development trends of environmental protection industry both at home and abroad , an important window to understand Chinese environmental protection market, and  the best channel for entering China environmental protection market, it has gained domestic and international acknowledgement.

The exhibition follows the theme “green, recycling and low-carbon”, focusing on major needs  of green development, supply side reforms, environmental technology, equipment and services during the “13th Five-Year” period, which is closely related to the current hot environmental issues and environmental priorities, it represents the level of latest environmental protection technologies and equipment, international and domestic, it also reflects the epitome of the development of environmental protection industry of the world.

Today, CIEPEC has become Chinese’s oldest and most prestigious and comprehensive international environmental protection exhibition, to guide and promote the healthy development of China’s environmental protection and related industries; and more electric car private enterprises like ZHIDOU are growing as the important role of the domestic and international stage, they are committed to their own efforts and perseverance to the promotion of new energy vehicles and the environmental protection industry.