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F03 Details

Specification sheet

Type Details FO3
Luxury type
Whole Vehicle
Length (mm) 1958
Width (excluding rearview mirror)(mm) 470
Height (without rearview mirror)(mm) 1113
Wheelbase (mm) 1375
Saddle height (mm) 780
Saddle length (mm) 804
Handle height (mm) 1020
Pedal distance (mm) 186
Pedal height (mm) 323
Minimum ground clearance preparation (mm) 125
Minimum ground clearance full load (mm) 83
Front and rear wheel weight sharing (reconditioning) F48/R70.6
Percentage share of front and rear wheels (reconditioning) F40.4%/R59.6%
Maintenance weight (kg) 118.6
Type of motor Hub motor
Motor power (W) 3000
Motor torque (N·m) ≥35
Maximum speed (km/h) 100
70%Vmax constant speed range (km) >150
Combined driving distance (km) >180(to be revised)
0-50m acceleration time (S) ≤4.9
Climbing ability (°) ≥20
Energy recovery system 6%
Voltage (V) 72
Battery capacity (Ah) 80(Double group)(7240)
Battery type Ternary lithium
Battery weight (kg) 16.7(Single battery)
Charger (A) 15
Charging time (h) 6
Automobile charging pile switching ○/optional
presubtraction Hydraulic spring shock absorption
subtraction Hydraulic spring shock absorption
Braking system Front and rear disc brake
Anti-lock brake system ABS ABS (Dual channel)
Traction control TCS
Front tire 90/90-14(positive new semi-hot melt)
rear tire 90/80-14(positive new semi-hot melt)
Electrical System headlamp LED near and far light + position light
Rear combination lamp brake light + position light
Front turn signal
License plate lamp
Atmosphere lamp /
Barrel lamp /
USB charging
Body System Seat bucket Dual battery + charger
frame Carbon steel frame
Back fork /
Parking sheet support Carbon steel
Parking double support Carbon steel
Back foot All aluminum shrinkable
Magnetic lock
Mechanical seat lock
Electronic tap lock /
Electronic bucket lock /
Rear shelf
Balance block
Basket, trunk, windscreen, side box ○/optional
Electric Control
Battery management system (BMS)
Motor controller MCU
Lamp control panel /
Astern power
Double flash switch
Uphill aid
Descend gently
Push mode switch /
P stop unlock switch
Smart home
Light sensitive headlamp
Internet of Vehicles System Intelligent central control EDBON EVCU
Intelligent instrument LED instrument
NFC Smart Key /
Seat cushion induction /
Side brace induction
Vehicle communication CAN communication
Intelligent action system
APP Hillhouse intelligent action
Description: 1. high-speed electric motorcycle with CAN communication lithium battery configuration as the main development direction;

2. Intelligent action system is carried out temporarily according to standard intelligence. For details, see Intelligent System.

Intelligent System

Type Function Function Description
Specification Network communication 4G network(Cat.1)
Body communication CAN(500k)
Bluetooth communication BLE 5.0
Positioning System GPS compatible BD positioning, support AGPS positioning
Remote control handle 433M remote control handle
Triaxial SENSOR Sensor to detect acceleration value and dip value
Standby power supply After the separation of vehicles and electric power, the standby power supply ensures platform communication and reports the status of vehicles
Alarm Function Set up/dismount control Support a variety of ways to set/dismount vehicle control
Bluetooth induction The vehicle will be unlocked automatically when the user’s mobile phone is near the vehicle, and it will be locked automatically when the user’s mobile phone is far away from the vehicle
Automatic fortification When the device is powered off and there is no wheel movement for 5 seconds, the device automatically fortifies
Vibration alarm When the vehicle is fortified, if the vehicle vibrates, topples, rotates the rear wheel, dispositions or is powered on illegally, sound and light alarm will be issued and the alarm status will be reported to the platform
Wheel action alarm
Tipping alarm
Illegal power-on alarm
Electronic fence When the vehicle is in the fortification state, the vehicle is moved out of the set distance and an electronic fence alarm is sent to the user APP
One key search car You can search for cars remotely by mobile phone and remote control
Vehicle Control Power-on control Perform power-on and power-off control according to the control instructions
Astern function Combined with astern status detection
Automatic power-off 5 minutes without speed, power off;
Stolen lock When a car is stolen, users lock it through the APP. In this state, the motor is locked when the vehicle is powered on.
Seat barrel lock control The bucket lock can be controlled by APP or remote control handle or turn handle
Tap lock control The electronic faucet lock can be controlled by setting and withdrawing the state
Automatic headlamp Automatically turn on headlights according to ambient light intensity
Come home with Me function Automatic headlights for a period of time according to ambient light and fortification state
Lighting control According to the state of the handle, control the switch state of the corresponding left turn light, right turn light, small light, headlight, far light and brake light
Whistle control The honk button is detected to be effective or remote control honk to control the honk horn
Personalized Function Sit and ride Judge and control the state of the vehicle through the seat cushion sensing riding state
Intelligent voice broadcasting Intelligent broadcast boot greeting, body status and other voice and prompt sound
Telegraphic code Enter code learning mode with mobile app and Bluetooth
Travel management Display the vehicle’s historical cycling journey and track
Alarm APP push The anti-theft alarm information of the car body is pushed to the user’s APP remotely to remind the user
Subtotal mileage The meter displays the subtotal mileage, which can be zeroed out by the APP via Bluetooth
Blind area supplement After entering the blind area, location information data can be stored locally, and when the signal is acquired again, it can be reissued
Remote upgrade Firmware programs can be upgraded over the air
Fault self-test Be able to detect the fault of each part and report the fault of the vehicle
Self-diagnosis function Enter the self-diagnosis through the mobile APP to diagnose the handlebar switch and each headlight
Function enabling and setting Automatic headlights, riding and other users can customize the opening and closing
Electronic fence function Settings The opening, closing and radius of the electronic fence can be set by the user in the app
Timeout setting Automatic power-off and automatic defense timeout periods can be adjusted by the user within the specified range
Vibration alarm sensitivity Users can select the vibration sensitivity range through the app

Core Funtion

User Value Function Function Description
Keyless Travel Close to unlock 1. When Bluetooth is enabled on the mobile phone, do not take out the mobile phone, do not open the APP, near the vehicle induction range (induction range can be set), it can automatically unlock the car;
2.the body instrument can display the Bluetooth connection status.
code unclock 1. Password format is 4-digit password, which can be set and applied in the mobile APP terminal; (It is required to be connected with the vehicle near field when setting);
2.body instrument support digital display;
3. Support the combination operation on the handlebars to activate the password unlock state and input the password. The input confirmation needs to confirm the sound effect, and the unlock success/failure also needs different sound effects
APP unclock 1. After launching the Emma Chi Xing APP on the mobile phone, send unlocking instructions to the vehicle through the Internet of Vehicles channel (Bluetooth channel of mobile phone-car machine, network channel of car machine-cloud-phone) to realize vehicle disarming/unlocking
Release lock 1. When Bluetooth is enabled on the mobile phone, the car can be automatically locked without taking out the mobile phone or opening the APP and leaving the vehicle induction range (the induction range can be set);
2. The vehicle needs to sound when it is locked.
Remote control car 1. The vehicle can be controlled in any place with 2G/4G/5G signal far away from the vehicle through the mobile APP;
2. Remote control vehicle, including but not limited to: remote unlock/lock, remote diagnosis, remote fortification/withdrawal;
3. the vehicle to accept the remote command, there is a corresponding prompt sound.
Bluetooth-controlled car 1. (Bluetooth) When near the vehicle induction range, the vehicle can be controlled by APP;
2. When unlocking, the vehicle needs to sound a prompt tone
Anti-theft Subsystem Triple positioning 1.GPS/ Beidou/base station three technical means to locate
2.APP can show the strength of positioning signal
Electronic fence 1. Electronic fences with different radii shall be set up based on the current map location of the vehicle
2. When the vehicle is located outside the electronic fence, the vehicle alarm (same alarm) will push an alarm message to the mobile APP at the same time
Stolen lock 1. The APP can operate to activate/disable the stolen lock:
2. When locking, the vehicle will sound prompt;
3. When the vehicle speed is 0, it is locked immediately. When it is not 0, the speed gradually drops to 0 and then it is locked.。
Attitude sensing 1, can sense the body attitude, such as tipping, uphill, downhill, steering, timely adjust the vehicle power output
Vehicle-electric separation After the main battery is disconnected, the message will be pushed to the APP, while the vehicle still supports:
1. Upload basic information; (Location, power, mileage)
2, combination key switch related lock. (barrel lock, trunk lock)
Anti-theft alarm 1. Can recognize wheel movement alarm, vibration alarm, displacement alarm, vehicle flashing light and siren;
Exception push 1. It can push any abnormal information of the vehicle, such as tipping, wheel movement, vibration, displacement, etc., to the mobile APP
Driving Control Subsystem Sit and ride 1. The vehicle supports the identification of ride status; (Side brace + cushion sensing + wheel dynamic response).
2. In the riding state, P gear is automatically unlocked; in the non-riding state, P gear is automatically unlocked;
3. When entering/releasing P gear, the vehicle needs to sound a prompt tone.
Implementation mode 1. Support automatic induction entry or key combination entry (can be set in APP);
2. Limit the peak power output in this mode to avoid channeling;
3. After activating the mode, the corresponding mode identifier will be displayed on the dashboard, and the vehicle shall make a prompt tone when activating/exiting the mode.
Astern mode 1. Support key combination to enter this mode;
2. Limit the peak and direction of power output in this mode;
3. After activating the mode, the dashboard will display the corresponding mode identifier, and the vehicle will continue to sound intermittently, and the sound will stop after exiting.
Intelligent lighting Automatically turn on/off the headlights according to the ambient illumination, and the dashboard displays an on status identifier.
Endurance warning 1. The dashboard displays the remaining power/mileage;
2. Mobile APP displays remaining power/mileage;
3. When the battery is low, the instrument will alarm and push the message to the mobile APP.
Voice broadcasting 1, support the handlebar installation of mobile phone bracket, through mobile phone voice broadcast.
2, the vehicle itself EVCU voice broadcasting ability, through the vehicle itself for each state of the car voice broadcasting
Fault self-test 1. When the vehicle starts up, it will automatically perform a self-test;
2. Check can be initiated through the mobile APP when the device is turned on and not running;
3. self-test fault message in the dashboard display identifier (or fault code) can be pushed to the mobile APP.
Car Assistant Vehicle sharing 1. A car supports multiple accounts for code scanning binding;
2. Vehicle digital key sharing;
3. The shared vehicle/key is not allowed to be shared again.
Aerial upgrade 1. approach connection upgrade, compatible with interruption automatic recovery or active recovery;
2. OTA upgrade, compatible with interruption automatic recovery or active recovery.
Online maintenance APP online bill of lading, documentary
Store guidelines APP store map, store list
Online customer service APP online customer service interaction