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Specification sheet

A80 Specification 
  A80HD-B亲子版  A80M2-HD-6045标准版欧洲A80-A
Driving systemDriving system  Rear-engine Rear-drive Rear-engine Rear-drive     Rear-engine Rear-drive
 Vehicle parameterslength(mm)242024202420
wheel track(mm)102010201020
cargo volume
kerb weight(mm)580580580
kerb weight(without battery)(mm)265265265
ground clearance(full load)(mm)180180180
Axle load  (%) front / rear (including battery)115/240115/240115/240
 Basic performancemaximum speed (real)(km/h)365233/45
maximum speed (meter)(km/h)37~4153~5835~40/45~52
range under maximum speed (Theoretical value)(km)655565
ecobimic speed (real)(km/h)303030
range under economic speed(25℃)(km)707070
0-30km/h acceleration time(s)≤10s≤10s≤10s
Maximum gradability %≥14≥20≥20
Minimum turning radius (m)≤6000≤6000≤6000
Driving noise(db)737373
动力系统参数Power system parametersmotor type   Permanent Magnet Synchronous   Permanent Magnet Synchronous   Permanent Magnet Synchronous
motor model60V1000W50H60V1500W60H60V1500W60H
rated power/motor speed (kW r/min)1000W/33001500W/33001500W/3300
rated voltage(V)606060
controller model正弦60V18管弱磁高低刹一线通 Sinusoidal 60v18 tube正弦60V18管弱磁高低刹一线通 Sinusoidal 60v19 tube正弦60V18管弱磁高低刹一线通 Sinusoidal 60v20 tube
rated output current (A)42A55A55A
Battery type铅酸  Lead acid铅酸  Lead acid铅酸  Lead acid
number of battery 555
Rated capacity(Ah)58AH58AH58AH
Nominal voltage(V)121212
DC converter power180180180
charing time 8-108-108-10
Range extender
 body type and structureBody type Load bearing body Load bearing body Load bearing body
Body structure 2door 3 seats2door 4 seats2door 5 seats
Suspension structureFront suspension Hydraulic dampingydraulic damping Hydraulic damping
Rear suspensionTrailing arm dependent suspensionTrailing arm dependent suspension Trailing arm dependent suspension
 whelelsFront tire specification130/60-13M/C130/60-13M/C130/60-13M/C
Rear tire specification135/70R12135/70R12135/70R12
Tire pressure (kPa) front / rear280280280
Rim model aluminium alloyaluminium alloyaluminium alloy
spare tire
 steering systemSteering gear type Handle style Handle styleHandle style
Steering wheel size
Steering wheel material
Steering wheel adjustment function
Multifunction steering wheel
braking sysytem Front / rear brake typefront disc rear discfront disc rear discfront disc rear disc
brake assist
Braking type HandbrakeFoot brakeHandbrake
 humanity designShift structure
Driver not wearing seat belt reminder
Headlamp delay off function
Reminder that the handbrake is not loose
Door open reminder
remote key
Anti pinch of glass lifting
Water spray wiper
Automatic headlamp
Rear wiper
Four way electric adjustment of driver’s seat
Four way manual adjustment of driver’s seatFront and rear adjustable, angle adjustableFront and rear adjustable, angle adjustableFront and rear adjustable, angle adjustable
Passenger seat four-way manual adjustment
Front seat headrest height adjustable
Rear seat headrest
Rear seat integral recline
Knitted seat
Leather seat
Driver’s 3-point safety belt
Rear seat 2-point belt
Door material plasticplastic plastic
Steering wheel airbag
Passenger airbag
Safety handle
Parking sensor
Reversing image
Interior and exterior decorationside mirror electric adjustment 
side mirror manual adjustment 
side mirror with side turn signal
side mirror manual folding 
side mirror electric folding 
Electronic anti dazzle interior rearview mirror
Mechanical anti dazzle interior rearview mirror
Injection molded bumper
Wheel hub trim cover
Glass lifterelectric for two doors electric for two doors electric for two doors
Front windshieldTempered glasssandwich glassTempered glass
Non fixed ashtray
Driver’s sunshade
Driver’s sunshade vanity mirror
Passenge side sunshade
Passenger sunshade vanity mirror
Internal Antenna
Shark fin antenna
Boneless wiper
Luggage rack
Tail wind
Door sill batten
Pocket covers
Front external bumper
Main power switch
 electric applianceFront interior ceiling lamp
High and low speed function
Warm heater
Steering lock anti-theft device
Daytime running lights
Front fog lamp
Rear fog lamp
License plate lamp
high-mount braking lamp
Reversing horn
Liquid crystal instrument
Energy recycle sustem
Bluetooth Handsfree device
 Multi-MediaSatellite positioning and navigation system
LCD screen
USB charing port
Tire pressure display
Battery management display
Trailer hitch
 On board toolsinstructions
Special wrench for anti-theft screw
Maintenance Handbook
           ——无此配置 none                                  ● 标配Standard                               ⌾选配 Optional


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